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Non Destructive Testing Services

CDC is one of the leading company offering solutions to the construction Industry. CDC has got the full range of Non Destructive Testing equipments to cater the need of every civil engineering project.

Construction Diagnostic Centre provides services for the evaluation and condition assessment of existing structures, including application of non-destructive, in-situ, and load-testing methods for measuring existing states of stress, material properties, structural behaviour characteristics and material uniformity. Engineers at Construction Diagnostic Centre can tailor a diverse suite of non-destructive or in-situ material tests to meet the unique needs of every project. Evaluation services may include complete structural assessment, vulnerability analysis and preparation of repair & rehabilitation scheme.

The company has a full range of NDT instruments and conducts tests comprising of :
  • Rebound Hammer Test – To assess the quality and strength of site concrete
  • Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Test - To assess the quality and strength of site concrete
  • Concrete Core Extraction – To assess the strength of site concrete, Making holes in RCC for Plumbing / Electrical purpose
  • Rebar Location & Cover-meter – Locating Reinforcement in the concrete.
  • Half-cell potential Test / Resistivity Test - for reinforcement corrosion mapping
  • Pile Integrity Test – For assessing the integrity, continuity & depth of pile
  • Vibration Measurement – For measuring Displacement, Velocity & Acceleration of civil structures
  • Endoscopy / Bore scope Underwater Inspection - To inspect underwater structures such as Bridge piers, Columns, Pile foundations, Dam walls, Water tanks, Water Treatment plants, Effluent Treatment plants. No need of Divers. Get a good quality Image and Video by a professional underwater camera.
  • Tests using Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge & Infrared Thermometers
  • Moisture Measurement
  • Load Test – Performance acceptance test for flexural members & Bridges
  • Carbonation, Sulphate /Chloride Content tests
  • Calibration of Rebound Hammers

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Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Testing
Bridge Box Girder - Direct Method Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Testing - We hold expertise in conducting Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Testing and have the most advance UPV instruments with a wide range of probes of different frequencies and sizes along with amplifiers. With a vast experience in the UPV testing backed by a huge R&D done carried out at our lab, we at CDC can handle any type complex sites.

Core Testing
Core Sample Extraction From a Beam Core Testing - As per IS – 456 – 2000 Concrete Core test is the final acceptance criteria for deciding the “in-situ compressive strength” of concrete. CDC has got the most sophisticated core cutters which can extract the undisturbed core samples from 40 mm to 200 mm diameters.

Reinforcement Detection
Reinforcement Detection Reinforcement Detection – For old structures where no data / RCC drawings are available, the reinforcement can be detected in RCC members by using Rebar locators. These detectors can locate the reinforcing bars and can also measure the depth of cover concrete with a reasonable accuracy.

Half Cell Potential Testing
Copper Sulphate Half Cell Half Cell Potential Testing – In last few decades many structures have deteriorated due to corrosion of the reinforcing steel especially structures in coastal areas such as residential buildings, bridges, jetty etc. and buildings exposed to severe condition such as chemical plants, fertilizer plants etc. The probability of the corrosion activity can be assessed by a very hand instrument called Half-Cell Potentiometer.

Pile Integrity Testing
Defective Pile Pile Integrity Testing – It is a known fact that, the quality of concrete in the pile foundations can not assessed by naked eye but we can rely only on “Pile Integrity Test”. Our fully computerized Pile Echo machine can identify the depth of piles, defects in piles and overall continuity of concrete and that too at a very affordable cost.

Structural Vibration Measurement
Structural Vibration Measurement Structural vibration in buildings can be detected by the occupants and can affect them in many ways: their quality of life can be reduced as also can their working efficiency. Ground borne vibration from sources such as blasting, piling, machinery or road/rail traffic can be a source of concern for occupants of buildings in the vicinity.

Structural Endoscopy
Endoscopy of False Ceiling Structural Endoscopy – Our extensive Structural Endoscopy experience in the field of investigation of structures allows us to conduct our surveys with the very minimum of disruption to the structures, while providing the clients with the detailed information. A very useful tool for condition assessment Heritage structures, pipes and inaccessible areas.

Load Testing
Load Test of Bridge We are engaged in offering Load Testing of flexural members to be carried out. The array of Load Testing, which we offer encompasses Load Test of Bridge and Load Test of RCC Beam.